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About Us


We promise to stand by you in the thick and thins of the parenting journey.And the best part? We get better with time!

Cretto Labs Pvt. Ltd. was started back in 2016 with an aim to make STEM education easy, accessible and affordable.We started taking STEM workshops for school kids also launched our first DIY electronics Kit(The Real Circuiteer). But we soon realised that we had a strong competitor who was more successful in catching kids’ attention.That competitor is commonly known as ‘Screen Time’!

And thus in 2017 started our fight against ‘Screen Time’. We launched our second product(Magnetic Puzzle) which was sure to keep children away from screens and keep them engaged for long.It was an instant hit and soon demand exceeded our production capability!

We launched 2 more products after that(India Map Puzzle and 3D Colouring Books) aimed to strenghten our fight against screen time.But we felt that something was still missing!

While we were focusing on kids, we completely ignored serving their crucial support system: Parents!And they play an irreplaceble part in a child’s development.

So exactly two years after we started our fight against screen time, we launched a portal dedicated to parents. Here you will find various blogs on parenting, curated products for your family, selected courses to upskill yourself, stress buster activities and interesting contests to take part in!

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