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Baby Shampoo

Baby Shampoo

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Bring a touch of love and care to your little one's bath time with our baby shampoo. Made with gentle ingredients and an ethical approach, it's the perfect way to keep your baby clean, happy, and safe.

  • 🛁 Tear-Free Joyful Baths: Enjoy bath time giggles with our baby shampoo's tear-free formula.
  • The Gentle Balance: Keeps your baby's scalp pH perfectly balanced for ultimate comfort.
  • 🌿 Purely Gentle Touch: With our 0% approach to harsh chemicals like parabens, silicon, paraffin, formaldehyde, and sulfates, you can rest easy knowing your baby's skin is in good hands.
  • Softness and Safety Rolled into One: Crafted to be ultra-gentle on your little one's sensitive skin, banishing irritations and harsh chemicals.
  • Ethically Exemplary: We stand by being cruelty-free, because kindness starts with the smallest among us.

Turn every splash into a soothing caress with our baby shampoo – Because your baby deserves the purest touch. 🛁💚

Net Volume: 200 ML


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